Clinical Team


Principal Investigators

Allied Clinical’s Investigators bring years of experience to their passionate work in treating patients and better understanding the science of medicine. Our experts are board certified in many fields including Internal Medicine, Pain Management, Sleep Medicine, and Pulmonary Medicine. Moreover, our staff’s Phase I-IV experience spans the medical sciences including areas such as Endocrinology and Neurology, in addition to their board specialties. To meet our team, click here!




While our principal investigators are certainly top-notch doctors in their fields, Allied Clinical could not function without the expertise of our Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Project Manager CRCs. These enthusiastic employees bring years of clinical research and hard work to the table, enabling us to help you improve your health and assist with learning more about health and the human body. To meet our team, click here!



Professional Administration

While often overlooked in the medical field, our professional administrators provide the expert guidance necessary for Allied Clinical’s research programs. Clinic directors and top-level management are committed to helping our patients and improving treatments with solid research methods to conduct clinical research. To meet our team, click here!